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Today’s Economic Opportunity

In these times of change lies the silver lining of opportunity. What we are witnessing today is a major upheaval of the status quo. For those who are reluctant or unwilling to flex to the winds that are blowing around us. These will be difficult and unsettling days and months. However for those who are willing and/or have nothing to lose but time and energy this is a time of great opportunity.


  1. Invest in yourself, that way you control the outcome and you reap the benefit. Ontario offers a multitude of opportunities for personal upgrading and support for entrepreneurial endeavours.
  2. Acquire hard assets especially real estate. The price of real estate is profoundly affected by inflation. The stated strategy of all world governments at this time is to provide stimulus in the form of injecting liquidity. Essentially they are printing money. This devaluates all the money that is already in circulation. If money is worth less it takes more money to buy the same product hence inflation.(see What makes real estate go up in value)
  3. Communication is power. Prime time advertising has been gutted by personal video recording and the main stream news papers and directories by the internet. What was once the domain of big money national or multinational players; is now accessible by the individual. Newspaper and TV advertising has been the engine of phenomenal wealth over the last decades this is now up for grabs. Barack Obama won his campaign by fund raising for ten dollar donations on the internet.
  4. Be a great connector. Help others to get to where they want to go and they will help you get to where you want to go. Be the go to person that knows who to talk to or how to get things done.
  5. Have a written plan. Words have no power until you stab them with the point of a pen. Sit down tonight. Wright out your plan. Put it in an envelope mark the date 6 months from now on the envelope. Leave it in your night table drawer. Forget about it until then. When you open it e-mail me if it is not substantially complete or on the way as the time would permit depending on the scale of your aspiration. One word of caution is be sure to get the detail correct as you will get exactly what you ask for not more. A Porsche is not much fun without wheels.

“It is not the fear of failure that holds us back but the fear of success beyond our wildest imagination” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until my next blog
Good Fortune

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