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What makes real estate go up in value?

Contrary to popular belief, real estate doesn’t go up in value. The change in prices is only an aberration reflecting the devaluation of paper currency due to inflation. If you can come to appreciate this fundamental principal it will help you to make a lot of moneyin real estate investments. To help you better understand, […]

What is My Investment Worth?

The term Cap Rate, short for capitalization rate, simply speaks about the rate of return in relation to the capital value of the asset that is generating the return. It is a simple concept but its impact on real estate and investment is significant and profound. The fundamental equation is:   I = Income (Net […]

Leverage in Real Estate

In the post “What is my investment property worth?” we looked at how cap rates reflect value. In this article I would like to explore with you the impact of leverage on that equation. That is, the use of other people’s money to enhance the rate of return on your money. As an example, say […]

Multiple Income Streams

In these times of uncertainty both financial and employment the key to long term security is diversification. Two principles are paramount. 1) Ones income must be based on multiple income streams. (Nine or more) 2) Invest your capital only in ventures where you control the outcomes. Therefore the only acceptable risk is your own personal performance […]

Seven Mistakes of a New Salesperson

1) MAGIC BEANS Just as Jack traded the cow for a handful of magic beans, many real estate sales representatives are vulnerable to trading their valuable time for the promise of easy results. There are hundreds of promoters looking to take advantage of the gullible. In this business you are selling your time. If you […]

The Mortgage Market

Read here for a primer on the internal workings of the mortgage market and how it is or will affect you! Contrary to popular belief banks don’t like to lend their own money in mortgages. The reason is that once the money is lent out, it is tied up there for the term of the […]

Price Does Not = Value

Objects do not have value! They achieve their value through their utility or their ability to produce a return, present or future. As an example of what I am referring to; imagine that you go into a store to buy a new pair of pants for $100–. When you walk out of the store you decide that […]

Today’s Economic Opportunity

In these times of change lies the silver lining of opportunity. What we are witnessing today is a major upheaval of the status quo. For those who are reluctant or unwilling to flex to the winds that are blowing around us. These will be difficult and unsettling days and months. However for those who are […]

The Ultimate Leverage Plan

In the accompanying articles I have related to my readers the very successful business strategy I have utilized for using rental real estate as a vehicle to accumulate net worth. Imagine this plan as a table supported by four legs. The understanding of these basic concepts is the key to amassing significant financial wealth with […]

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