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Exit Bursary Application
Join our expanding community--
experience the EXIT advantage.
EXIT provides you with the leverage you need to transform your real estate goals into a profitable career.
Other brokerages can make realty feel like an epic battle.
  • How desk fee brokerages see you Wether you succeed or fail, they still make their money; they have no vested interest in your success, and make their money either way.
  • Many brokerages do not offer adequate sales coaching. Many newly licensed realtors who enter highly competitive environments often don’t receive the support they need to become great salespeople.
  • In other brokerages, colleagues see you as competition This encourages a closed-door environment where knowledge and techniques are kept secret.
At Exit, we think differently.
should be shared.
We believe in an empathy-based work environment. Through our sponsorship program, our most successful team agents have a vested interest in helping our up-and-coming members improve their skills and increase their sales.
For each new agent sponsored, the sponsoring agent receives a bonus equivalent to 10% of the sponsored agent's commission, paid by EXIT Realty Corp. International as a thank you for helping to grow the corporation.
We can help you reach your potential.
As a member of our team, you will learn trade secrets from some of the best salespeople in the business.
In addition to personal mentorship, our organization offers a variety of helpful sales coaching, workshops, and resources to help all the members of our team grow throughout their careers with Exit.

To help with cash flow during long paycycles, we can advance 70% of your expected commission within 72 hours of turning in the paperwork on a firm sale.

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